Website builders – build your own site

Website builders – build your own site – Is this advisable?

Many people would rather go down the route of building a website for themselves using web building platforms such as Wix. If you are thinking about using one of these platforms here are a few advice points from Web Pixels.

1. You have to pay a monthly cost for these platforms. Is this really going to work out cheaper than hiring a professional freelancer like Web Pixels? (who offers a more professional web builder – WordPress).

2. Are you computer literate? If not, you may find building your own website very difficult. Not only that, it is also going to take you plenty of valuable time to learn how to use a web builder.

3. Many people who start using web builders get frustrated and give up half way through the project.

4. Web builders are not advised for business websites. Business websites should be of quality design, look professional, fantastic SEO and the ability to have features that web builders cannot offer.

Rather than using a web builder, you could just tell web pixels the kind of site you want and leave everything to them! It could work out a similar price, save you plenty of time and frustration, make your business look professional and finally, you can just sit back, relax and wait for new customers to find your site via Google.

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