Did You Know.. Facts by Web Pixels


Have you ever been on a plane and wondered why the cabin crew asks you to open your blind fully during landing and take off? Its not so the person next to you can see out the window, no. Unlike cars, the pilot does not have any wing mirrors to see the side of the plane. So if there is any smoke, fire or anything suspicious happening outside, then the passengers will be the first to see it and can notify the cabin crew who can notify the pilot.


Have you ever wondered why Compare the Market changed to Compare the Meerkats? If you have ever used Google adWords then you will know that you can advertise your website at the top off Google in a special advert box. Every time someone clicks this advert you are charged a small amount – known as pay per click. Depending on the words you advertise will depend on the amount Google will charge you (per click).

‘Market’ is a very popular word with Google which costs £5 per click, therefor Compare the Markets adverts resulted in large advertising costs. By advertising as Compare the Meerkats instead saved a fortune – as per click of ‘Meerkat’ was only 5p.

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